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The body actually shifts into a higher amount of glucose and carbohydrate utilization at altitude. Your body actually doesn’t do as well with ketosis or pure fatty acid utilization the higher you get, the more you need to eat easy-to-digest carbohydrate sources You also may want to use a strategy, like throwing in some macadamia nuts to kind of stabilize the blood sugar and give you a slow bleed along with some of the more carbohydrate dense sources you’ll have at altitude. Ben: Yeah. I would even consider, and this is something a lot of people don’t think about when they consider blood sugar regulation, the fermentability of your choice of carbohydrate. For example, dried fruit is good because it’s pretty nutrient dense for the volume and it doesn’t have a lot of water weight to it for climbing, but it’s also extremely fermentable, especially if people have fructose malabsorption or FODMAP issues. So, what I recommend a lot of times as an easy-to-digest carbohydrate source is something that’s got dextrin or a little bit of a potato-based starch. One that I like is dried plantains. You can get these from the bulk food section of a lot of grocery stores. You got to check to make sure they’re not coated in canola oil, ’cause a lot of them are. There’s companies like Thrive Market online that will just sell you regular old organic plantain, but it’s pretty light and you can use that, for example, you can have a bag with macadamia nuts with plantain or like a potato-based source, dried sweet potato, dried yam. You can get this stuff, again, like Thrive Market is a good place, Amazon has some of this as well, and you can mix it with the macadamia nuts and the algae. So instead of fermentable fruit, you’ve got an easier-to-digest but still relatively dense and also, you can argue a more ancestral kind of root-based carbohydrate source along with the huge amount of calories you get from the mac nuts, and the saturated fats, and the slow bleed of energy from the mac nuts, and then the nutrients from the algae.

Chlorella & echinacea to improve oxygen transport capability. [1]