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Why "Arguments?

As biohackers, there are many health-related practices that we do and beliefs that we hold that may be a bit shifted from the mainstream opinions. For many, we can wax long and eloquent about the underlying reasoning. For some, however, we do them because we know they are healthy but our understanding of the underlying physiological explanations are a bit weak–a fact that can sometimes lead to embarrassment when being questioned by muggles. On every page of the wiki there should be short summaries that will help in these situations, but for many


Why Eat Carbs at Night?

  1. Keeps body in a state of fatty acid oxidation during the majority of the day (mild ketosis)
  2. Allows you to refill glycogen stores, especially after a late afternoon/evening workout (good because that’s when your body temperature peaks and your grip strength peaks, your testosterone peaks, your post-workout protein synthesis is higher, then you’re going to be insulin sensitive after that workout). Even if normally you're more insulin sensitive in the morning, an afternoon workout will artificially shift this.
  3. Study found that in 2 groups eating the same amount of carbs, one saving them all for evening, that group displayed:
  • Lower hunger scores
  • Greater weight loss
  • Lower abdominal circumference
  • More significant body mass reductions
  • Lower insulin resistance
  • Lower low-density lipoprotein cholesterol
  • Higher HDL
  • Lower levels of the inflammatory markers CRP
  • Lower levels of tumor necrosis factor
  • Lower levels of interleukin 6