Blood Flow Restriction Training

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Blood Flow Restriction Training

Allows arterial blood flow but not venous. It has the local effect of reducing partial pressure of oxygen (Po2) and pH in the tissue which then stimulates protein synthesis. [1]

Stimulates the autonomic nervous system to increase sympathetic tone, ventilation, heart rate, and sweating, as well as triggering the production of hormones involved in the repair process and protein synthesis such as HGH (human growth hormone).[1]

Lowers myostatin gene expression and stimulates mTOR signaling[1]

increasing sympathetic tone, heart rate, ventilation and sweating (which is out of proportion to the actual work being done by the muscle); hormones involved in repair processes are also triggered, and human growth hormone, which facilitates protein synthesis.[1]


Video for finding right pressure

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Sets of 30-20-10 to let lactic acid build up. Ramp up weights.

How To Do It

  • Lighter weight – 40-50% of normal
  • Higher reps – 20-30 / set
  • Short rest periods (~30s) to keep driving blood and lactic acid into muscle


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