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How To Do It

  1. **Normal Breath In Through Nose** – Sit down in an upright posture, and take a normal, calm breath through your nose. Do not take a deep breath. Focus on using your diaphragm to breathe, allowing the stomach to expand.
  2. **Normal Breath Out Through Nose** – Exhale as you normally would through your nose. Again, focus on using the diaphragm to push all air out of the lungs (*stomach should move, chest should not*).
  3. **Shorter Breath In Through Nose** – Now, take a shorter, more shallow and light (~1-2 seconds) inhalation through the nose and stop.
  4. **Long Breath Out Through Nose** – Slowly release the breath over 5 seconds, using your diaphragm to empty out your lungs. Hold breath after complete exhale for 5 seconds.
  5. **Repeat Steps 1-4** – Take a normal, calm breath again through the nose (*step 1*), and repeat the entire process for several minutes.

Additional Exercises

Cover blocked nostril. Breath in so slowly that you barely move the nose hairs. In and out until you feel like you're not getting enough air. Did your mouth get drier or more moist? Saliva = parasympathetic nervous system activation. If you feel colder you overdid it, activating your SNS.