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Caffeine and Fasting

It upregulates protein kinase A (pkA), a protein that is reduced by prolonged fasting [1]

Caffeine may have a negative impact on those with already-impacted blood sugar control [2]

May slightly increase IGF-1 [3]

"Caffeine impairs the expression of β-integrin receptors and IGF-1 receptors, which is directly relative to the applied dosage and the resulting proportional impairment of MAP kinases related to these receptors (ERK1/2). The impairment of the cellular signal generated by the above-mentioned receptors might be a mechanism of impairment of collagen biosynthesis caused by the presence of caffeine. This is the first report about caffeine-induced inhibition of collagen synthesis in human skin fibroblasts." [4]

  • Increases insulin, reduce insulin sensitivity, and increase cortisol levels[5]
  • Increases epinephrine, serum-free fatty acids, lactate, and norepinephrine and lead to insulin resistance[6]

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