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I try to keep my total choles

Anabolic Effects

" I’ve experimented with doubling or tripling my cholesterol levels intake for a week or two, strength increases every single time. Every single time I get strength increases from doing that" - Sal "here was one in particular when it took people between 50 to 60, so they were a little bit older, and they broke them up into three groups and it was a low cholesterol, moderate cholesterol, and very high cholesterol intake and they compared them all to each other and the biggest difference was strength and muscle. Strength and muscle gain and it was directly related to the amount of cholesterol they were consuming and it came from egg yolks"

Healthy Levels

BGF I try to keep my total cholesterol above 200. the cognition enhancing and the effects on the cell membranes and having high cholesterol, assuming you don’t have familial hypercholesterolemia, assuming you don’t have high blood glucose which an oxidize that cholesterol, assuming your HGL to triglyceride ratio is favorable, meaning you don’t have high cholesterol but also high triglycerides which would indicate over-eating, or high intake of vegetable oils or some herb or nonalcoholic fatty liver disease or something like that, and finally assuming you don’t have high levels of inflammation like high HSCRP or high homocysteine or high fibrinogen. In the absence of any of those factors that make cholesterol a cardiovascular risk factor, it’s a good idea to keep your cholesterol elevated. You just have to, in my opinion, this is where I like blood testing, you’ve got to kind of pay attention to some other variables, or at least, know intuitively what’s going to affect those variables. If you’re eating a high cholesterol diet, processed sugar and vegetable oil, it’s probably worse for you than the person eating the low cholesterol diet because you’ve got more around to be oxidized. You’ve got more around to build these foam-based plaques in the arteries. So, yes, I’m a fan of keeping cholesterol elevated but it did needs to be couched in terms of you also mitigating risk factors.