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This is the sidebox that should be included as a cheat sheet for all wiki pages. For those who don't have time to delve into the details and want a quick summary, or for ease of memorization.


To call


|image = 
|title-1= First Title. Defaults to "*Summary*"
|content-1 = supplement summary
|list-title= List Title. Defaults to "*Top 3 Uses*
|list-1 =  use 1
|list-2 =  use 2
|list-3 =  use 3
|split-title = Split box title. Defaults to "*How To Take It*"
|split-title-left = Split box left-hand sub-title. Defaults to "*Timing*"
|split-content-left = dosage - mg/day, etc.
|split-content-left-list = any list HTML here; it doesn't have any <p> tags
|split-title-right = Split box right-hand sub-title. Defaults to "*dosage*"
|split-content-right = morning, evening, with or without meals
|notes = additional information, e.g. best form